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My personal selection of tools to set you up for success

Welcome to the Resources section! In this section I have curated a list of the tools and websites that I have used myself and strongly recommend to build and optimize your business.

All recommendations on this page have been used and tested by me.

I have found that some of these resources listed here have been crucial to running my business. Depending upon the setting of your business that can vary. Before you begin to dig into these resources please know that I believe in total transparency. Hence I have an important disclosure:

Some of the links below are affiliate links. That means if you choose to make a purchase, I  will earn a  small commission for promoting the product. This commission is at no additional cost to you. I  will remind you here that I  recommend these products not because I earn a small commision. I  recommend them since I believe in the product and are either using the product in my business currently or have used it in the past. Money is precious. None of us have money floating around us, hence I am very cautious where I spend my $$$. I would also urge you to spend your hard earned $$$  carefully, since there is a wide variety of tools available out there. Please make your purchase only after putting in some thought about what you want to achieve & what  are your goals. 

My best wishes to all. Take care!

The software I use


Webhosting - Dreamhost

I have been with Dreamhost for the past 5 years. They have wonderful customer service & very helpful staff who go out of the way to fix any issues you have with your website. I have found their prices to be very affordable too.


Convert Kit - Email Service provider

My preferred email service provider. Extremely user friendly. A clean & simple interface. Excellent automations & several templates for sequences to choose from. You can also set up your landing pages and even sell your digital products within convert kit even if you do not have a website. 


Website Theme - Elegant Themes

I have been using elegant themes now for over 5 years. There is so much flexibility embedded into the theme. The best part is that you build your website front facing so you know exactly how the finished product will look like. There is a little bit of learning to do but completely doable. 


Courses - Thinkific

All my courses are hosted on Thinkific. My business would not be where it is today without this platform. The platform is very simple to navigate & the customer service is exemplar. 


Canva - Design Editor

Everything that I design has been done on Canva – social media images, pdfs, booklets, youtube thumbnails and even my podcast transcripts. Canva makes designing so simple & fast. There is a wide variety of templates, images, icons & fonts. You can even create your own brand boards so it becomes very simple to use your brand colors each time you are creating. All content that you create can also be organized into folders. Most recently a social media scheduler has been added. 

The tools of the trade

Blue Yeti USB Microphone 

Boya Condenser Microphone

Microphone Pop Filter

            Pop Filter 

Logitech Webcam

Phone Tripod

Selfie Ringlight

with Tripod

Gorilla Pod

Overhead Video Stand Phone Mount Table Top Scissor Arm

Camera Tripod

USB C Hub Adapter

60” Phone Tripod with Carry Bag & Cell Phone Mount Holder

Ring Light

Tripod for ring light

Parrot Teleprompter

Let’s Start A Conversation
Say Hello!

If you have any questions about these resources feel free to message me.

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