• As a clinician have you had a client who suddenly  “clam up” or has become hostile? 
  • Have you felt like you were doing all the work or cared more about your patient’s health than they did?
  • Or, have you walked away from a client wondering why you are so tired after meeting with them and feel like they have moved backwards instead of forward in their care?

When your clients won’t talk how can you help them?

No matter what field you are in, if your clients or patients won’t talk or fully discuss their issues, it is impossible to truly help them and resolve their problems.

What would you do if you could in as little as 15 minutes…

  • Be ready to capably take on the task of helping challenging clients move from being “stuck to success”
  • Change the negative behaviors that keep them from meeting their physical and mental health goals.

As clinicians we fully understand! 

I am a clinician myself so I completely understand

We know the frustration of wishing that a patient would understand that we are trying to help. 

That we are trying our very best that the patient would take even the smallest steps towards improving their

behaviour and working towards helpful goal.  

And that is why I created an extra special program for healthcare professionals like you, so you can manage those hard-to-reach clients without exhausting yourself and instead having your client take charge of their health.


(These testimonials were taken anonymously to allow for an honest review of the program)

Happy clinicians.

I became familiar and provided with more information and usage of the motivational interviewing in my practice as a diabetes nurse educator

Please continue to present course material in different formats e.g. powerpoint, videos and handouts, and please continue to offer as many opportunities to practice as possible. Thank you so much for a very detailed (but not overwhelming) and practical course. I gained a lot from this experience.

The pace was great and we had lots of opportunity to ask questions during the calls.

Yes, my practice had changed every day I implement some of the steps of MI and it really works, I am impressed with the progress I made.


I had heard of and read up on motivational interviewing (MI) in the past. This training helped me understand what MI is and is not and how it fits with other therapeutic styles. I feel much more confident in my use of MI.


This course brought the details of MI to my awareness and some of the terms have provided a great way to help others think about particular barriers to helping communication. For example, the term "righting reflex" is a very helpful metaphor in discussing helpful communications in my work.


This course has certainly helped to increase my awareness of ways that I can improve my counselling skills. I now make more of an effort to listen more actively and summarize more so that my clients feel heard. I also find myself picking up on change talk more easily and asking more open-ended questions to help my clients work through some of their ambivalence.


This course has helped me to gain valuable tools and knowledge. I know that with continued practice and commitment my motivational interviewing skills will continue to improve


Understand what motivational interviewing is and how to practice it with my clients.


I have immediately been able to apply MI aspects in my practice, and have noticed the difference in the responses of my patients. The unobtrusive, gentle but solid knowledge of the course instructor guided me along my learning path, and it allowed me to easily use these in my everyday. It has allowed me to be confident in my abilities as a clinician, and reduced my frustration, too. I think this could help numerous physicians to reduce Physician Burnout, a huge issue always, but especially during this COVID pandemic.


I have learned many useful information and techniques. Two main techniques I am using often is that I have changed by expectations on how many changes is realistic for the patient/client to change at once. As well I try to engage the patient more about what they would like to change and what would work for them. I feel less pressure which makes the consultations more enjoyable.


Now you can tap into the power of

       “Manage with Motivation”

the Motivational Interviewing training designed by a healthcare professional for healthcare professionals.  

Now you can unlock the techniques that psychologists, social workers and therapists use to motivate their patients to share important information and be fully engaged in the client-clinician relationship. 


What is Motivational Interviewing?

An approach to facilitate change

                                          “Miller and Rollnick” define Motivational Interviewing (MI) as a collaborative conversation style for strengthening a person’s own motivation and commitment to change. 

Motivational Interviewing is:

About having effective conversations about behaviour change.

About finding a constructive way to find solutions to challenges shared by our clients.

About accepting ambivalence as a normal part of preparing someone for change. An individual can remain stuck in one place for a period of time.


About arranging conversations in such a way that people talk themselves into change based on their values & interests. It is a given that people are more likely to be persuaded by what they hear themselves.

What Motivational Interviewing is not!

motivational interviewing is not

MI is not based on the stages of change model

MI is not a way to trick people into doing what they don’t want to do!

MI is not a technique. It is a skill that needs to learnt and practiced.

MI is not a form of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

MI is not a decisional balance

MI does not require an assessment

MI is not just client centered. It is very intentional.

MI is simple, but easy. It requires learning & practice with intention.

MI is not a panacea. It can easily be combined with other tools you have in your toolbox.

MI is not what you were already doing. It is all about bringing clarity of purpose & using thoughtful reflective statements to facilitate change.

Why is the “Manage with Motivation” Course Unique

  • The “Manage With Motivation” teaching methods are  comprehensive but straightforward and you will be able to confidently interact with your client without wondering what to say next.
  • When it comes to client-centred care it’s easy to forget that we need to be change agents and not the ones who do the actual change. When you work harder than your client it is a recipe for frustration and burnout.

But with “Manage with Motivation” you won’t face these disappointments because Motivational Interviewing is not:

  • About YOU “arguing for CHANGE and your client arguing against it.
  • A cookie-cutter list of questions that will make you feel like you are in charge.
  • When “YOU” do most of the talking


It’s not about YOU.

it’s about THE CLIENT who YOU through skill and knowledge will motivate them to change

With Manage with Motivation

you will learn skills on how to…

Ignite engagement with clients even though they are not responding to any of your questions!

Get your patients to do most of the talking without you asking “too many questions

Be respected and trusted as a credible source of information and practical recommendations

Overcome the “humps” of ambivalence and fear that can keep clients stuck instead of moving towards change

Build trust so clients want to change and follow through even when they are scared, stubborn or ambivalent

Support your clients learn how to sail through their challenges constructively and creatively

And most importantly facilitate the very definition of Motivational Interviewing which is a collaboration that strengthens clients’ own motivation and commitment to change

About Alka

Registered Dietitian & Diabetes Educator

I am a strong believer in adult education & making client interactions more meaningful, productive & actionable. If our appointments are not action oriented it is a waste of my time & even the clients time. Motivational Interviewing changed my practice model big time. I have now been integrating the skill into my practice for the past several years & that has literally lifted off the pressure of client behaviour change from my shoulders to the responsibility of my clients.  I would like to personally invite you to join me in the "Manage with Motivation" course where it is all about action & not facts. 

My Approach to MI

I use MI very selectively with my patients and almost always as an add on to my counseling process. To say I don't struggle with MI after integrating it into my practice since the last several years would be incorrect. I still struggle at times and am looking for words & sentences to use. Needless to say mastering MI is an ongoing process.

The fact is the more I practice the skill, the more confidence I have. 

My Teaching Process

When teaching MI, I encourage participants to reflect on their area of practice, because I am certainly not Ms. know it all.

You are the expert in your own area of practice but you are not an expert in your patients lives. MI will allow you to know & understand the needs of your patients and when your patient is ready for a MI session. Something to remember is like any other skill & tool MI is not for every single person. 

Unique Framework

Authentic engagement is one of the vital piece when it comes to forming relationships with clients. Within my practice for the past few years I have developed an authentic client engagement framework that integrates the MI concept. And it has been working really well. Patients can actually tell when you are being authentic & true to what you are saying or if you believe in them. So, investing in establishing authentic relationships is good practice.  

Whats included in Manage with Motivation Course

The Manage With Motivation program is constructed for clinicians who not only value client counselling experience, but also value upgrading their toolkit with extra tools to help their clients. Whether you are a clinician who is nervous and unsure about how to get your clients to talk so that you can help them or a counselling professional who needs a refresher, Manage With Motivation is for you.

"Manage with Motivation" is a comprehensive online training that walks you through the adult education principles and how to make adult learning really effective by utilizing Motivational Interviewing strategies. The course is a complete package that teaches you how to move your adult clients from an ambivalent state to an action stage. 

It includes:

One year unlimited access to the course including updates done during the year

You will have one year unlimited acess to the course. Any updates I make is also included. So, no worries in missing out on any new information.

Weekly Video lessons

Video lessons broken up into micro-topics so you can get a good understanding of each aspect of the course. Content will be released on a weekly basis so you have ample time to review and even practice the skills for the week.

Downloadable pdfs

The downloadable pdfs are a combination of cheat sheets, fact sheets & worksheets. You can download them, print them, work on them. Do whatever. Since you will have access to the course for your lifetime, you can download them as many times as you want.  

Interactive post lesson activities

Each module is accompanied with an interactive activity/activities. I will encourage you to complete every activity/activities to get maximum benefit from the course. 

Scheduled Live Coaching Calls

I will be facilitating coaching calls via zoom on an ongoing basis. The schedule for calls will be posted in your account. If you can attend the call live that would be fantastic. If you can't then no worries - all calls will be recorded and posted within the course. During the call we I will be coaching you and you will get a chance to practice as well. I will be using zoom & you will be broken up into breakout rooms so you can practice just as you would do in an in-person workshop. How cool is that!

Discussion Group

Access to discussion board within your course profile. Learn from each other and improve your skills. 


Course outline

Manage with Motivation



Understanding behaviour change & adult education

Lifestyle behaviour change is the core of of achieving health outcomes for our patients. This module goes deep into understanding behaviour change for adults so you can support them the right way.  

Further Details
  1. Science of behavior change
  2. Readiness to change
  3. The role of a practitioner in facilitating behaviour change
  4. Active listening
  5. The problem with advice giving
  6. Understanding adult learning



Defining Motivational Interviewing & Communication Styles

This module clears up what motivational interviewing is and what its not. I also talk about the communication style that works the best with Motivational Interviewing when interacting with your clients. 

Further Details
  1. Introduction to motivational interviewing
  2. Communication styles that sync with motivational interviewing
  3. Guiding principles of motivational interviewing
  4. Spirit of motivational interviewing
  5. Processes of motivational interviewing
  6. Core skills of motivational interviewing
  7. Putting everything in action



Authentic Engagement with Your Clients

A quote by Mary Angelou: I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.  This module teaches you how to engage authentically.

Further Details
  1. Patient engagement framework
  2. Differentiate between sustain talk & change talk
  3. Change talk strategies
  4. 5 steps to authetically engage with your clients
  5. The relationship between authentic client engagement & health literacy, nutrition literacy & food literacy.



Applying Motivational Interviewing in Diabetes & Chronic Disease

Getting your clients to make lifestyle behaviour changes to manage chronic disease can be daunting for both you & your clients. This module goes over MI strategies that will make the process slightly easier.

Further Details
  1. Applying motivational interviewing in the diabetes care process
  2. Applying motivational interviewing in the chronic disease management process
  3. The relevance of motivational interviewing to chronic disease management & the diabetes educator 
  4. The commonality of the Nutrition Care Process & Motivational Interviewing 



How to be Successful with Motivational Interviewing

Learning a skill is one thing and mastering its application is another. This module teaches you the practical side of integrating motivational interviewing into your counseling practice.

Further Details
  1. Steps to master motivational interviewing
  2. The MI formula for success
  3. When time is short
  4. Motivational interviewing & weight inclusivity
  5. How might a change conversation look like?
  6. The power of pausing
  7. Decision Balance: Pros and Cons of change  



Live Coaching to Practice Motivational Interviewing Skills

You will be learning a lot about motivational interviewing from the videos. I will be further coaching you in practicing the skills as you learn them. This will help you solidify your skills & put them into action right away.

Further Details

1. Weekly live coaching calls – dates & times are posted within your login account

2. 3-month follow up coaching call

3. If you are unable to attend live, the call will be recorded and you can access it at a later time.


Happy clinicians.

Good morning Alka.
It’s been a busy week at the DEP. however I wanted to let you know that with my first 1:1 60-min nutrition counselling appt with a pt with prediabetes… my preceptor noted I did great and she recognized that I successfully used MI (and she felt it was a great appointment and had not seen an intern balance MI and advice-giving nutrition counselling so well before previously).

In my second 1:1 nutrition counselling appointment for a new T2DM pt, with a different supervising RD at the clinic, in my feedback, I was told I practiced as an entry-level RD using evidence- based diabetes health information accurately and I seemed to enhance the patients interest to change as evidenced by patient’s self-expressed goals and she noted that I had used MI).

thumb_01_60_60Barbara Querjo

Dietetic Interm

  • Clear and easy to understand- spoke slowly, simple language/appropriate for audience, audio is clear
  • Repetition of key messages
  • Good use of a variety of learning methods- written, visual resources, videos

thumb_01_60_60Adrienne Tsandalis

Dietetic Intern

Who must enroll

Motivational Interviewing is a universal intervention tool and can be applied to any type of behaviour change and by any healthcare professional.


Social Workers



Life Coaches

Health Promotion Practitioners


By completing this workshop you will be meeting these competencies as laid out by the

Canadian Diabetes Educator Certification Board.


For other certification boards please check your board respectively

Applies knowledge of the social determinants of health to diabetes management.

Identifies appropriate use, advantages and disadvantages of various teaching and facilitation methods.

Applies the principles of behavioural change to diabetes management.

A Word

From Alka

I have been actively upgrading my skills in counseling utilizing several strategies. By far I have found the “Motivational Interviewing” as the most sustainable & impactful. My practice has taken a 360 degree turn since I began integrating the skill into my practice. My hope for you is that you will join me in this program and together we will enhance each others skills.

– Alka Chopra

Why must you enroll?

Motivational Interviewing is a universal intervention tool that can be applied to all types of behaviour change – whether it is about food, exercise, smoking etc. So, you must enroll if you want to:


Improve your listening skills

Listening to understand requires patience & a certain set of skills, when applied correctly facilitate clear communication & a deeper understanding.


Follow a collaborative approach

Embrace a collaborative style approach in your counseling sessions that makes the client incharge of their health and not you.

Respond effectively to your patients

Learn effective ways of responding to clients and help them decide the process with which they can make a change.


Redefine your intervention method

Move away from the directive & possibly confrontational approach to inform, convince & prescribe actions leading to change


Evoke your clients internal urge to change

Learn to accelerate & reinforce the natural behaviour change process for greater success with your patients


Redesign your interaction style with patients

Research shows that motivation is a dynamic state that can be influenced, and that it fluctuates in response to a practitioners style.


Course details

Some more details about  

“Manage with Motivation”

How will this skill impact your practice?

When your clients do the talking & the work it is immense professional satisfaction.

I was very skeptical of learning "Motivational Interviewing" since I had heard way toooooooooo much about it. It was kind of an overdose. HOWEVER, when I trained for it my perspective took a 360 degree turn. I have now been using it in my practice and I am amazed at the results. It is by no means some magic words. You will not become an expert overnight! But, you will certainly learn a skill that really draws out the real desire from your clients making them take ownership and making the change.

How will this course help you and your clients?

1. You will be equipped with tools for more efficient & meaningful conversations with your clients. As practitioners we all know how satisfying this can be.

2. Mobilize your clients from a no-action place to an action taking place.

3. Empower clients to take ownership of their own health leading to better health outcomes.

4. Learn how to handle resistance more effectively without much arguing and back & forth with your clients. You will land up doing less talking & your client doing most of the talking. Isn't that a relief & way less exhausting!

How will the course be delivered?

The workshop will be delivered in two parts – there will be video lessons released every week plus there will be “6 WEEKLY LIVE COACHING CALLS” via the zoom platform.

2. During the live coaching we will be practicing the skills. You will be broken into “breakout rooms” so you can interact with other participants & practice the skills being taught in the workshop. If you are unable to make it live to the workshop, no worries all live calls will be recorded and uploaded into your accounts so you can access them later.

Update your counseling skills

Change the structure of your patient appointments from YOU counseling your patient to make lifestyle changes to productive & effective conversations that lead to superior health outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I have not covered any of your questions send me a message by completing the form below!

Will I be able master MI skills in this training?

Motivational Interviewing is a skill that you master over time. You will need to practice & with time you will be able to master it. You will need to consiously integrate it into your practice to gain more confidence.

Can I call myself a Certified MI trainer after this training?

You are welcome to share your skill with your peers/colleagues. However you cannot call yourself a Certified MI Trainer.

Can one become certified in MI?

Currently, there is no officially recognized certification in MI. Unfortunately, certain trainers may advertise that trainees, upon completion, can become “certified” in MI. Technically, however, it is important to know that such a certification is ONLY endorsed through the specific trainer and NOT an officially endorsed certification by MINT or by the creators of MI. After this training you will receive a certification of completion with the total number of training hours completed.

Do I need to buy any resources or books for the training?

Although not required, we do recommend that participants purchase and read Motivational Interviewing: Helping People Change (3rd edition) by Miller and Rollnick. This resource will provide a good foundation for the workshop.

Connect with me

For any questions you have.

If you have questions about the course feel free to message me.

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