A Primer on Motivational Interviewing

A 7- day mini course that teaches you how to support your clients make lifestyle behaviour changes

Are you ready to make a change to your counseling style to achieve better health outcomes for your clients?


This 7-day mini course will give you a good overview of Motivational Interviewing that will work as your first steps towards a counseling style that has been scientifically proven to be effective.

And, I am saying this with my own personal experience. My practice has radically changed since I started incorporating motivational interviewing strategies when counseling my clients. 

A few years ago it was ME who was doing all the work for my clients. I was setting their agenda, setting their priorities & even designing their action plans. And what was the end result: NOTHING CHANGED or THERE WAS MINIMAL CHANGE. I was exhausted, frustrated & felt helpless since I knew the value in making lifestyle changes for my clients. 

And then Motivational Interviewing happened to me! It changed everything. Now as I incorporate motivational interviewing strategies, principles & techniques into my counseling practice there are so many aha moments that I witness & experience. It is an amazing feeling! 

This mini course offers you a clear understanding of how the behaviour change process occurs & how you can apply Motivational Interviewing strategies to move your clients from a resistant mindset to an action mind set.


What will you learn?


How does the behaviour change process happen
What is Motivational Interviewing?
When & why to use Motivational Interviewing
The problem with advice giving!
The communication style/s work best with MI
Your critical role as a practitioner
Integrating MI when you are short of time
Motivational Interviewing & Weight Inclusivity

About me

Hi there, my name is Alka Chopra and I am a Registered Dietitian & Certified Diabetes Educator. I have a keen interest in adult education and have been working steadily towards refining my skills to teach & train adults. I hold the following certifications that are all embedded in adult education.

IHC Trainings (Institute for Healthcare Communication):
Choices & Changes Faculty Trainer

CCMI Certifications (Centre for Collaboration, Motivation and Innovation):
Brief Action Planning Trainer
Motivational Interviewing Training Trainer
Health Literacy Trainer

Other relevant certifications:
Certified Diabetes Educator
Leader Trainer: Stanford Chronic Disease Self Management Program
Leader Trainer: Stanford Diabetes Self Management Program
Licensed Facilitator: Craving Change
Certificate of Training in Adult Weight Management- Level 1

With all my good wishes

Some extra details

You’ll have 90 days to access all the materials, so you can revist as many times as you like.

The “Primer on Motivational Interviewing” mini course provides you with an introduction to the principles of behaviour change and how you can apply the motivational interviewing techniques & strategies to bring about behaviour change in a collaborative manner.

These principles & strategies are covered in greater detail in my 11-week online interactive course, “Manage with Motivation”, that will be released in January 2020.

Of course “Manage with Motivation” can be taken on its own. BUT you will not get the special pricing that is reserved for the students of “A Primer on Motivational Interviewing

The best part: “Motivational Interviewing” is that you can integrate it very easily with your current counseling style. It is meant to complement your current counselling skills that you have learnt over the years. 

Come On over and get

Ready to start supporting your clients make lifestyle changes

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