Empowering and developing skills for practitioners to take the challenge and start their

consulting practice in – person OR online !

Download the “Budget Friendly Tech Tools Resource Sheet” right now to launch your practice

Whether you wish to run your business in an office setting or completely online,

Your visibility on the internet is critical to your success.


Get detailed step by step instructions

Where should you start? The website, social media, blogging? Very confusing. Let me help you clear that confusion.

Spend your hard earned $$$ smartly & wisely

Money does not grow on trees. So, start simple, then get fancy. Choose wisely when investing in the tools for your business. 


Step by Step Instructional Videos

Detailed intructional videos on selected and most effective tools that will helpp you set up, expand & elevate your entrepreneurial venture.

Tools to enhance your online visibility 

With a myriad of tools around,  learn about the functionality of selected tools & then depending upon your goals & budget make the right choice.   

Your destination to set up your online entrepreneurial  venture and grow  professionally

 Why should dietitians be entrepreneurs?

To educate the public with the right nutrition messages.

With so much conflicting and incorrect nutrition & health information floating around the web, we really need to get our act together. So stop complaining & get out there.

To show that dietitians are THE EXPERTS when it comes to food & nutrition.

These days everyone is a “nutrition expert”. It is high time all of come out in the open and show the world what we have got. Do not overthink. JUST DO IT.

To share your expertise with other dietitians

All of us have some expertise. We just do not reflect upon our strengths enough. So go ahead & think about what you do the best or on what topic have you been able to help your peers. Share your knowledge & expertise with other RDs.

Learn about what tools you need to jet start your dietetic consulting business in a limited to no budget

Get the tech tools resource sheet right here

A comprehensive list of of all the tools (FREE + Low cost) that you need to kick start your dietetic entrepreneurial venture.

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